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Jackie Reinke

Outdoor Report

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October 26, 2020

Walleye are being caught on the Black River. Hopefully with some nicer weather coming the end of this week will spark the Crappie to bite. Those wishing to spear Sturgeon on Lake Winnebago must apply by Oct. 31. 

Trapping began Oct. 17 for coyote, fox (Red or Gray), bobcat (if you have a permit for period 1), fisher, raccoon (resident only). Mink and muskrat opens Oct. 24. Beaver and otter start Nov 7 (permit required). 

The bucks are starting to move. Scrapes and rubs are plentiful. The best deer hunting is right around the corner. Shooting hours in Clark and Taylor County are 30 minutes before sunrise to 20 minutes after sunset (if you can see!). Complete times are listed in the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Wisconsin Hunting Regulations available at O-W Sports, Owen. 

Area antlerless bonus authorizations available in our area (as of Oct 19) public and private accordingly-

Buffalo 181-1212  

Chippewa central farmland 0-1191  

Chippewa northern forest 0-629

Clark central farmland 0-710

Clark central forest 0-0 

Marathon 0-308  

Taylor 0-1726.

Bear applications for the 2021 season are due by Dec.10 as well as the 2021 Spring Turkey.

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