Owen Council Appoints New Committee Member, Tables Purchase Issues

Travis Rogers, Jr.

Owen Council Appoints New Committee Member, Tables Purchase Issues

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November 30, 2021

The City of Owen Common Council met in regular session on Tuesday, November 23, at 6 p.m. Alderperson Ken Martine was the only council member not present. Also attending were City Clerk Tracy Rau, Director of Public Works (DPW) Chad Smith, and Community Development Coordinator (CDC) Tim Swiggum.

Public Comment

Complaints at Lot 11 in Country Side Estates were heard again, as were the everlasting complaints from Andrea Mahnke regarding the posting of agendae on the website—a measure not required by state statute.

Water Issues Tabled from Last Council Meeting

In the November 9 meeting, Owen resident Jennifer Hogan complained of an $1,800 water bill for September. She was supported in her claim by neighbor, Charles Jones. After tears and complaints, she could not understand how she could ever have accumulated such a bill.

DPW Chad Smith said that he had her meter checked for accuracy by a third-party company, who found no inaccuracies in the meter. Smith leveled no accusation at Hogan but also stood by the workings of the meter, especially after its inspection by an independent source.

The Council decided to table the item until the meeting of the 23rd. The issue was taken up again and the Council denied Hogan’s request for reduction of said water bill. A Dr. Pam Jaffke/Bob Wilczek motion was approved to send the bill to the County for aid and the creation of a payment plan.

As of Monday, November 29, Hogan was in the City Clerk’s office making such loud complaint that Police Chief Fehlman and Officer Jake Haugstad came into the Clerk’s office to intervene.

Winter Parking Signage

The signage regarding Winter Parking in Owen reads November to April. The City Ordinance reads December 1 to April. A Wilczek/Jaffke motion was approved to change the ordinance to read November 15 to April 1.

Sewer Commission Meeting

The November 16 Sewer Commission Meeting reported that the 2022 Budget needs final approval.

Appoint Planning Committee Member

With the resignation of Tim Conway from the Planning Committee, Matthew Riihinen was appointed to the vacancy on a Wilczek/John Mauel motion.

Offer to Purchase Other Properties in the Business Park and 12 Additional Acres

O’Connell Towing was looking to purchase land from the City. Chief Fehlman endorsed the company, having done business with them in his capacity with the County Sheriff’s Office. The Council moved the item to the next meeting of the Planning Committee. The Planning Committee wanted to hear more information and the purchase of the acreage was tabled on an Allen Wagner/Mauel motion.

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