Owen DRC September Meeting Recap

Nicole Rogers

Owen DRC September Meeting Recap

3 mins

The Owen Downtown Revitalization Committee met at 5 p.m. on Thursday, September 3 at the Millpond Park. Members present were: Ken Martine, Cindy Knight, Allison Milbert, Nicole Rogers, Jeff Conger and CDC Tim Swiggum. 

Electric Train

The committee discussed the ideas and updates to better utilize the electric train. Volunteers have been driving the train during the Saturday Farmer’s Market. The DRC would like to thank Terry Rohland, Dan Tolzmann, John Mauel and Mary Lou Kirschner for helping be the conductors. Allie Milbert was also kept very busy driving the train during the Car Show.

Farmer’s Market

Jeff Conger had talked to Marge Rohland and she commented that the Farmer’s Market is going well and she was thinking of making shirts to sell with donations going to the food pantry. LaMont Freit has been selling sandwiches during the Farmer’s Market. Next year the DRC would like to reach out to other organizations as well to sell food. 

Growin’ Owen

Growin’ Owen chair Allison Milbert reported that volunteers have been doing great taking care of flower gardens. The America in Bloom Virtual Symposium is coming up in October. Everyone is encouraged to sign-up for it as it is free this year. On Saturday, September 19 at 11 a.m. Growin’ Owen members and volunteers are to meet to take a photo with the train. After that the committee will take a ride and do a video recording featuring the gardens sites in the city. The video is to be sent to be part of the symposium. 

Main Street Banners

Jeff Conger will create a design for the banners which will say “Welcome to Owen.” These banners will replace the current 2020 graduate banners. The approved cost was $500.

Car Show

The Main Street Car Show brought in a profit of approximately $2,700. Some changes for next year were discussed. Offering a 2nd place trophy was brought up. “This was the best year ever!” Cindy Knight exclaimed. As the show brought in 69 entries it was indeed.


Since Halloween lands on a Saturday the DRC decided to push back Autumnfest until then. The Owen Library is in the process of carefully planning Trunk or Treat for that day as well. This year’s Autumnfest will take on a more ghoulish flavor but will still feature a Chili Cook-Off. The tentative venue is the Owen Millpond Park in order to allow for social distancing and to enjoy the autumn weather. The Autumnfest Committee will be on Friday, September 16, at 5 p.m.

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Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is co-publisher and owner of the Sentinel and Rural News with her husband Travis Rogers, Jr.