Owen-Withee 3rd-4th Grade Basketball Ends

Owen-Withee 3rd-4th Grade Basketball Ends

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March 22, 2021

by Easton Ruggles, Nolan Petersen, and Clay Mueller

We played four games we won three out of the four. Our coaches were Sam Olson and Ben Esker. We have eight players: #21 Teddy Van Ark, #23 Nash Gruetzmacher, #33 Easton Ruggles, #34 Nolan Petersen, #1 Tucker Hatlestad, #15 Colton Olson, #24 Clay Mueller, and #12 Orion Wilcek.  

We started practice in December and we practiced twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays and had games on Saturdays. We improved a lot throughout the year and learned many things throughout the season.  

Everyone hopes to improve for next season.  

Thanks to our coaches for coaching us and to the OW Lions for their support.

The 3rd-4th Grade basketball team. (Photo by Tanya Gruetzmacher)

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