OWES Celebrates Reading

OWES Celebrates Reading

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May 25, 2021

by Julie VanArk

Friday, May 21st, was not an ordinary school day at Owen-Withee Elementary. Students were given the opportunity to earn a celebration by completing a reading goal, of which ninety-five percent of the students met the goal. Many students even surpassed the sixty-step goal.  

The Owen-Withee Elementary School students enjoyed the gaga pit during last FGriday's events. (Photo by Julie VanArk)

The day started off with a cookout. Students received a hot dog lunch and were able to eat picnic style with their class. After the lunch, there were six stations set up for with fun activities including: gaga ball, making bookmarks, human bingo, big-screen movie, build your own ice cream sundae, and a DJ. The ice cream was donated by Creekside Convenience, Andrew Childs donated the DJ service, and Chippewa Springs and Cindy Schwab donated bottles of water. The day would not have been as special without their generosity. 

Many hands went into making this celebration happen.  Albert Goerlitz, Cindy Schwab, Raeann Schwab, and Julie Van Ark were a part of the planning team and all the other staff members pitched in on the day of the event. The custodial staff and the kitchen staff were also a crucial part of the day. Raeann Schwab, Cindy Schwab, and Julie Van Ark also hosted four after school sessions for students to stay and read. Thirty students took part in the sessions.  

The elementary schoolers enjoyed their build-your-own ice cream sundaes last Friday. (Photo by Julie VanArk)

The day was truly a celebration. Students and staff enjoyed the afternoon, and it brought a much-needed sense of community and joy. It was a positive way to wind down the school year and encourage students to read.  

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