OWHS hosts Eastern Cloverbelt Solo & Ensemble

Nicole Rogers

OWHS hosts Eastern Cloverbelt Solo & Ensemble

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February 24, 2022

Local students advance to state

By Nicole Rogers

Tawny Ruppert, OWHS, will be going to state on her musical theater solo. Scott Barth photo

OWEN – On Feb. 19, Owen-Withee High School hosted the Eastern Cloverbelt Conference Solo & Ensemble contest. O-W Band Director Ryan Gutsch organized the contest with much help from teachers, parents, and other volunteers. High school and middle school students from Colby, Gilman,Greenwood, Loyal, Neillsville, Thorp joined Owen-Withee for this day-long competition.

Each solo or ensemble is critiqued by a judge and rated.Students earning a coveted starred first will advance to the state solo & ensemble competition.

Owen-Withee results

OW Band Director Ryan Gutsche reported the following results for Owen-Withee:

In Class A receiving a starred first rating and going to state festival: Damian Nernberger - tenor sax solo, Aidan Smith - tenor sax solo,Damian Nernberger & Aidan Smith - tenor sax duet, HS West African Drum Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Tawny Ruppert - musicaltheater solo.

Receiving a first rating: Tawny Ruppert - Class A soprano solo, Rylee Ollinger - Class A soprano solo, Jack Wendler - Class C trombone solo, MS West African Drum Ensemble, Adalie Hatlestad - Class C trumpet solo, Emmy Ruppert - Class C alto saxophone solo, Lydia Van Ark - Class C flute solo,Macy Devine - Class C euphonium solo, AJ Wilczek - Class C snare drum solo,Avalon Cwikla - Class C tympani solo, Hunter Hilton - Class C tuba solo,Madilyn Mueller - Class C trumpet solo, Leah Simenson - Class C clarinet solo.

Receiving a second rating: Class A Brass Ensemble, Rylee Ollinger - Class A musical theater solo, Ashley Gay - Class C alto solo,Ashlynn Thornton - Class C trombone solo, Taylor Rue - Class C bass clarinet solo.Receiving a 3 rating: Molly Nowobielski - Class C tenor saxophone solo

Gilman results

Class B – First: Morgaen Shoptaw – flute solo.

Class C - First: Draeger, Et Al – percussion duet; Grady Kroeplin – trombone solo; Lee Zagorski – trumpet solo.

Greenwood results

Class A – Starred First: Destiny Durstein – music theater soprano/alto solo and soprano solo; first: Morgan Raese – piano solo.

Loyal results

Class A – Starred first: Chavah Kurasz – soprano solo and music theater soprano/alto solo; Nick Wilke – music theater tenor/bass solo; Vircks Et Al – mostly woodwinds ethnic folk; Leah Scherer – flute solo; SamLathrop – piano solo. First: Lydia Vircks – alto solo; Nick Wilke – Tenor solo; Jordynn Corder – soprano solo; Peroshck Et Al – SSA/A madrigal ensemble; SamLathrop – clarinet solo; Jane Koopman – soprano solo. Second: Miranda Trade –soprano solo; Jane Koopman – music theater soprano/alto; Abrial Kubista – piano solo; Leah Scherer – piano solo

Class B - Miller Et Al – saxophone duet; Koopman Et Al – ST,SB, AT, AB duet; Sarah Miller – baritone sax solo; Micah Kayhart – alto sax solo; Smith Et Al – SS, SA, AA duet. Second: Kubista Et Al – SSA trio

Class C – First: Lizzie Lindner – piano solo.

Thorp results

Class A – Starred first: Stratton Et Al – mixed contemporary a Capella; Lincoln Knop – bass solo; Payton Rhyner – alto solo; Jayden Stratton– alto solo; Jacob Barth – baritone/bass solo; Chloe Egge – music theatersoprano/alto solo; Elena Ciolkosz – trumpet solo; Daniel Mathison –baritone/bass solo. First: Rachel Boehlke – alto sax solo; Stratton Et Al –SSA/A contemporary a Capella; Stratton Et Al – saxophone duet; Knop Et Al – TTBtrio; Delaine Mathison – alto solo. Second: Stratton Et Al – SS, SA, AA duet; Ivan Neisius – trumpet solo;

Class B – First: Raina Sivertson – alto solo; NereaAguado –violin solo; Second: Lucas Walteraitis – alto sax solo; Chloe Egge – alto sax solo; Elizabeth Pritchard – alto solo; Dorian Neisius – trombone solo; Jacob Ciolkosz – trombone solo; Charity Pritchard – alto solo; Chloe Egge – alto solo

Class C – Second: Landon Penk – trombone solo.

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Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is the co-editor for the Sentinel & Rural News.