Post Office helps to stamp out hunger

Post Office helps to stamp out hunger

2 min.
June 7, 2022

by Adam Simington

On Saturday May 14th , the United States Post Office ran their annual “Stamp out Hunger” food drive. The mail carriers collected any donated food items that were left on mailboxes by residents across the country. In the Owen-Withee Area the food items collected filled two large mail carts totaling 795 pounds. The total amount of donations was down from previous years, but it was still a very successful food drive. All of the food was donated to the Daily “Red Door” food pantry located at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Owen. 

The “Red Door” food pantry hut is sitting outside in front of the church, but as the weather begins to warm up, the hut will be moved inside the church lobby so the heat from the sun doesn’t ruin the donated food items in the hut. Thanks to all who donated food to the food drive, It is greatly needed and appreciated.  

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