Ralph just loves to grow stuff

Anne Gajewsky

Ralph just loves to grow stuff

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July 27, 2022

Ralph Fetting may not have a title or certificate of Master Gardening but he certainly has one of the best gardens in the city of Owen. Asked if it was his favorite pass time, he answered, “No, fishing is my favorite hobby but gardening is a close second.”

Fetting says the spring gardening begins as soon as April with potatoes, lettuce, peas, beans, radishes and carrots. He follows with tomato plants, cucumbers, peppers, cabbages and more, when the weather has warmed up a bit.

“Come fall, I plant the winter onions and garlic,” said Fetting. He also harvests his ever bearing raspberries which he says does better in the fall.

As to harvesting all this garden produce, he goes the whole gamut, beginning with canning and freezing, then drying and grinding. He grinds up garlic, leeks, tomatoes and peppers for chili and soups.

Another favorite for Ralph is picking wild berries, with his own patch of raspberries and rhubarb for making his own wine. So if anyone is looking for a good bottle of wine, see Ralph he has got quite a variety.

A weed doesn’t stand a chance in Ralph’s garden, despite his 72 years, he still can be seen on his hands and knees pulling any sign of a weed. With his potatoes in bloom, he checks several times a day for potato bugs, at last count he found four.

Ralph the gardener has been gardening most of his life on his farms near Greenwood and Loyal but his gardens weren’t as clean as this one because he just didn’t have the time. 

When asked, being a single guy what does he do with all the produce?

He responded, “I share most with family and friends. I just like to grow stuff.”

This article was orginally reported by
Anne Gajewsky

Anne Gajewsky is a long-time resident of the Owen-Withee Community and has been a contributor to the Sentinel & Rural News since its inception in 2014.