Real Vitamin C

Dr. John Briggs

Real Vitamin C

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October 12, 2021

I have written before about how the government labels vitamin C as Ascorbic acid. Understanding all the amazing qualities of real vitamin C is important to the degree you won’t rely on synthetic counterfeits. 

As I shared, the toxic byproduct of plants being oxygen is only one element we require to live. If we continue to get hung up believing we need antioxidants, we’ll miss the true beauty of what the plant world provides for us. Is it any wonder that God put mankind in a garden? If the act of taking a concentrated antioxidant can interfere with cellular respiration, we need to understand the amount of these, as they exist in nature, isn’t damaging to our systems. There are many elements we consume which are actually beneficial to metabolism in minute doses. This would include many toxic chemicals and heavy metals. 

I often like to use the example of the watch, which has a main spring to power it. To try and force more than one mainspring into the watch wouldn’t work, but instead would interfere with its function. When we analyze the content of a high vitamin C food like the rose hips shown in the picture, we find there are many components within it which our body requires to function properly. 

For the body to manufacture collagen, the glue which holds our cells together, we need the complete vitamin C structure, not just ascorbic acid. Taking collagen as a supplement is a futile process, as this has to be fully ripped apart to access the basic elements for your body to use in creating your own collagen. Smearing a collagen product on your body hoping it will absorb it into the skin is another fallacy, and something the seller would like you to believe so you’ll waste your money on these products. 

If you want to restore collagen production in your body, you must first digest protein with adequate hydrochloric acid in your stomach and consume the complete vitamin C structure. Where do you find this? Think about the rose hips, this is something which is growing and producing cellular components which it has to protect against the oxygen it produces. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in all these components. 

When we think of building bones and every other component of our body, we can often think of one of the first foods we consume. Vitamin C is greatly diminished in milk after it’s pasteurized. Breast milk is rich in this component along with a host of other nutrients. It’s been proven that if you feed a calf pasteurized milk it will die. Destruction of critical nutrients in a living food limits its benefit to our cellular structure. 

If you were to stack a bunch of bricks for a bulkhead, it wouldn’t be near as strong as the bricks which were placed properly with mortar. This is the difference between trying to build bones with calcium and no vitamin C or calcium with vitamin C. Here again is the value of real, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Poor nutrition is the source of rapid aging. 

Szent-Gyorgi is the original discoverer of vitamin C. In an article in the Los Angeles Times, March 14, 1937, he’s quoted saying, “In repeated tests found that Citrin or vitamin P from lemons or red pepper in fourteen days would clear up a hemorrhagic condition when pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) from some other source was useless.” As he describes it, “The extracts were fractionated. The active substance, vitamin P, was found in the end as a fraction consisting of practically pure flavon or flavonal glycoside. Forty milligrams given daily for two weeks fully restored capillary resistance. Spontaneous bleeding ceased and capillary walls lost their fragility towards pressure differences.” 

Recently I saw a patient who experienced an intracranial vascular hemorrhage. This would not have happened provided he had enough of the P factor from natural vitamin C. When a chemist begins the study of any material, he has to dissect it to map the molecular structure. When finished, he tries to synthetically reproduce its construction. Natural vitamin complexes contain closely related principles found together in foods. 

The more we study these complexes, the more complex they appear. This is why synthetic and chemically purified vitamins are really not vitamins at all. They are only fragments of vitamins. Just as highly refined foods create nutritional deficiencies, so it is with high potency low nutrient dense vitamin supplements. When someone comes in with a “Stress B Complex” bragging of 50mg of every B vitamin. What I see is a chemical cocktail which disrupts metabolism.

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Dr. John Briggs

Dr. John Briggs is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.