Red Daisy Girl to Open in Downtown Owen

Travis Rogers, Jr.

Red Daisy Girl to Open in Downtown Owen

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Driving down N. Central Avenue (Main Street) in the last several days, one was bound to see a lot of renovation going on. From O-W Sports & Liquor getting paint to Marcia Deluca’s landscaping to Pippin’s Pub & Grub turning into Skunky’s Bar, downtown is getting a lot of attention.

None more than the attention being paid to the old-old NAPA building beside Cozy Corner Café. 

The rumors were all over the place—from strip club to craft shop. When we caught up with Carey and Travis Hargot as they were remodeling the interior space, Nicole’s first question was, “What are you guys going to be?”

Without blinking an eye, Travis responded, “A strip club.” 

Nooooo,” Carey corrected.

Hey, we’ve heard that,” Nicole responded.

Yeah, we started that rumor,” Travis answered.

The truth of the matter is that Carey and Travis are opening a bit of a this-and-that shop which will include customer-designed t-shirt iron-ons, wine & art events, and more. 

Not only have they bought the building but they have acquired the green space between their building and the O-W Vets Club. Their plans for that space include a gazebo and outdoor seating and tables.

Travis is from the Owen area but attended Medford Area Schools, he explains, “Because I was on the wrong side of the road.” Carey is from Mosinee.

They are a lively, energetic, and entertaining couple and downtown will certainly benefit from their presence. Travis will remain working on cars and Carey will carry the downtown business workload.

They are planning on opening very soon.

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Travis Rogers, Jr.

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