Respect for our Veterans Shown

Nicole Rogers

Respect for our Veterans Shown

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November 17, 2021

Last week I enjoyed the Veteran’s Program presented by the O-W High School Student council. I thought the students hosted the program with polish and self-confidence. In fact, I was impressed with all the students that attended the program, from the youngest to the oldest student. They all showed great respect for the Veterans and speakers. Easton Ruggles and Lindsey Potocnik were chosen for their exceptional essays about patriotism and they also showed extreme self-confidence in their presentations. It really gave me pride for our youth, which is so nice to see during these rather challenging times. Sometimes I feel the children show more respect for authority and intelligence than some adults. It was just wonderful to see this in our youth in this important day of remembrance.

I just wanted to also give a shout out to my good friend’s daughter Sacia who has demonstrated amazing respect, dedication and bravery in her young military career thus far. She is a beacon of light to other young people who wish to follow their dreams wherever it leads them. Since 2017 when she joined the Air Force, Sacia has soared high, as she embarked on an adventurous and meaningful career. She recently received a couple very prestigious awards for her service in the AF which I already wrote about on the front page. Her winning attitude and dedication to being her best self both physically, mentally and socially can be seen in her bright smile and enthusiasm for life. Congratulations again, Sacia! We are proud of you!

Another shout out goes to another positive influence in our community, Denny Henke. He is the guy around town who always has a good word to spread or a joke to tell. He has gone through much medical turmoil, including battling cancer for many years. I have never seen that keep his spirits down. He is one of the prominent faces of the American Legion in Owen and leads with strength and humility. Travis has written about the Honor Stone he received a few years back at Highground. He is also a bright beacon in our small town. Thank you for all your service to our country and your community. 

Yay, Teachers!

I need to give out one more word of praise and appreciation for a special group of people who are celebrated this week, our teachers. This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week and since I am in among the ranks of wonderful and dedicated teachers as an assistant, I would love to give them all a big thank you for all that you do. I see the challenges they face and how much they truly give of themselves both to their students and to the parents. Teachers are often taken for granted and at times not given the respect they deserve. I am lucky to be working among some of the very best at Owen-Withee and am proud to be part of this thoughtful and dedicated crew. Happy Teachers Week!

Prayer for Hunters

Lastly, I wish all the hunters good luck and safety this coming weekend and would like to share this prayer.

A Hunter’s Prayer

I pray my sight be straight and my aim true.

I pray for no pain to the game I pursue.

I thank you, Lord for this land.

I thank you for the sights from my stand.

I pray for safety one and all.

I pray we may return next fall.


S. Elliot

This article was orginally reported by
Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is the graphic designer for the Sentinel & Rural News.