Spencer Dome Gets Inflated

Travis Rogers, Jr.

Spencer Dome Gets Inflated

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January 4, 2021

After two years of planning, the dome in Spencer was inflated last Saturday. 

Oh my gosh, we’ve been waiting for this for so long,” Logan Bezlyk, a kindergarten teacher in Spencer, told WSAW.

Perfect slogan around here, ‘it’s a great day to be a Spencer Rocket,’” district administrator Mike Endreas added.

The folks from Spencer say the dome has long been needed and they came out to see it inflated.

I don’t even know if I can put it into words the impact that this will have on our community,” School Board member Jordan Buss said. He first proposed the idea in 2018 and it is he who helped the Owen-Withee School District get the FEMA grant that will allow them to build a sibling structure.

The Spencer structure will include a basketball court, new wrestling room, a brand-new weight room, and more.

It’s a little taller than I was expecting, you know just from the inside.” Buss said.

You think you have a concept in your mind and then you step inside and you’re like ‘wow,’” Endreas added.

It’s going to make such a difference for our sports program and it’s a safe place to go,” said Bezlyk, who’s kids play sports, including her oldest who will play basketball there.

The building is nowhere near completion and will be finished in the coming year. 

The teachers, parents, and board members could not get over the excitement of what the new facility will mean to the school and community.

The handbell choir room for our performing arts students, to the community fitness center that will be open to students and our community. It’s just an amazing facility,” Buss concluded.

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