The Silver Edge of Ionic Silver

Michelle Behm

The Silver Edge of Ionic Silver

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March 30, 2021

Silver Uses A-Z: B and C

Bad Breath

Bad breath is usually cause by bacteria residing in the mouth and gums.  Using a silver rinse can destroy the bacteria.  By rinsing the mouth for 6 minutes in the morning and at night, you will get rid of bad breath.

Black Mold

Black mold is a fungus or yeast that grows in wet areas of the home like showers or walls.  The mold will release spores into the air.  If these spores reach your lugs, they can produce asthma-and chronic fatigue-like symptoms.

To remove the mold, spray liquid silver on it and let it stand for 10 minutes before wiping off.  This will destroy the mold and likely prevent it from re-growing.

Bladder Infection

Urine remains in the bladder for about 6 hours before it is drained.  If bacteria get into the bladder, they will duplication every 20 minutes, so a bladder infection can become serious very quickly.  The infection can degrade the lining of the bladder and possibly travel from the bladder to the kidneys, causing a kidney infection

To treat a bladder infection, take 2 Tablespoons of silver hourly (8 doses per day) for the first 2 days.  For the next 2 weeks, take 2 Tablespoons twice a day.  You can expect to destroy the bladder infection within the first 12 to 24 hours.  Some doctors report bacteria is killed in as little as 2 hours.  Silver liquid can be taken with cranberry juice or juniper berries.

Testimonial: The Answer Was Simple

“I was on a trip to Asia when I got a bladder infection.  I didn’t have access to silver for about 24 hours.  In that time, my bladder infection progressed from burning when I urinated, to passing blood.  I went to a doctor to fine out what type of bacterial infection I had, so I could know what kind of antibiotics to take.  12 hours before my doctor’s appointment I started taking silver liquid.  I drank 1 ounce each hour for 4 hours and then went to 2 teaspoons twice a day.  By the time I got to the doctor and gave a urine sample, I was bacteria free.  There was a hint of blood, but no bacteria.  The doctors were absolutely baffled by how such a severe bladder infection could be cleared up so quickly.  The answer was simple.  I took a large amount of silver liquid and it destroyed the bacteria in my bladder.  The doctor said I didn’t even need to take antibiotics.”

Blood Cleanser

Bacteria, viruses, yeast, parasites, and other toxins get in the blood.  Silver is one of the best tools for blood cleansing.  It works at a cellular levels so every red blood cell can be cleansed.

For acute blood cleansing, take 1 ounce of silver every hour for 4 hours.  For some serious conditions, you will need to drink 1-4oz bottle every day for the first 3 days, followed by a maintenance dose of 2 Tablespoons twice a day.

To cleanse your blood each day, take 1-2 teaspoons, 1-3 times daily.  Vitamin E in soft gel form may also help.


Burns occur from exposure to the sun, radiation, x-rays, fire, heat, and chemicals in the environment.  Silver is at its very best when used to treat a burn.  It reduces pain and inflammation and improves wound healing.  Silver liquid can be spraying on the burn or used to soak the burn, and the gel can be applied to the wound.  A significant reduction in pain, inflammation and tissue damage will be visible in the first hour.


While silver has proven promising against many health conditions, those who have cancer or who may suspect they have cancer should always consult a physician before pursing any course of treatment.

Cancer is always caused by a multiplicity of factors. Toxins, poisons, and pesticides have all been proven to cause cancers. Bacteria are one of the greatest causes of cancer because they neutralize the immune system, allowing damage to occur inside the cell at the DNA level. It is estimated that up to 60% of all cancers have bacterial causes.

Silver is a broad-spectrum preventative agent. It destroys bacteria in as little as 15 seconds and kills viruses that may cause cancer.  Those suffering from cancer should drink 4 ounces of silver day one and 4 ounces on day two, sipping it every hour.  For the next 5 days drink 2 ounces a day.  Take 2 Tablespoons twice a day thereafter as a maintenance dose.

There is also a very experimental method for IV usage. About 3,000 cases have used silver intravenously, which no reported toxicity problems.  An IV can be made utilizing 250cc of silver liquid.  Mix 1:1 with a D5W or distilled water mixture hung in a bag and dripped for one hour, given every other day for 10 total doses.  It should be noted that saline solution cannot be used because the salts in the saline inactivate the silver.  This is a very important formulation and can be adjusted in any parts per million of silver.

Published Cancer Results Include:

“We studied malignat fibrosarcome cells (cancerous fibroblasts) and found that electrically injected silver suspended their runaway mitosis.” (Becker, 1995)

Women with breast cancer each received a single dose of silver at a concentration of 10 ppm.  The 30 subjects were re-tested by biopsy at day 19 post-injection, resulting in 100% normal tissue. (Antelman, MS. 2000)


Teeth are susceptible to cavities.  Though the enamel is very hard, sugar and bacteria have the ability to eat away the enamel and cause cavities.  Rinsing the mouth with silver regularly will kill cavity-causing bacteria. Rinse your mouth for 6 minutes with 1 ounce of liquid silver two times a day.  Then swallow 2 teaspoons to benefit your entire body.  Coenzyme Q10 will also help improve gum health.

In addition to brushing your teeth daily, we recommend brushing with silver get once or twice a week.  We also recommend a 5-minute mouth rinse with liquid silver once a week.


A cold is caused by a virus.  The virus gets in your nose and your sinuses and starts to duplicate, producing a lot of mucus.  Many people experience postnasal drip—mucus dropping down the back of the sinuses into the throat.  When the mucus reaches the back of the through it causes swelling and inflammation and can even spread into the ears.  Taking 1 Tablespoon of silver 3 times a day and spraying intranasally 4-5 times a day, will help reduce congestion and inflammation.  Mouth rinse, eardrops, eye drops, nose drops, and throat spray can all be used as well.

Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Diverticulitis

Colitis is an inflamed colon.  Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by irritated and swollen bowel, and alternating constipation and diarrhea.  Diverticulitis results from overstretched intestines that collect toxins.  The body then starts absorbing the toxins that should be passing out of the body and the toxins can get into the bloodstream.  Silver can kill the bacteria and yeast that causes these ailments.  Take 2 teaspoons twice a day.

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Conjunctivitis results when bacteria build up on the surface of the eye.  It can actually change the white of your eye, causing it to swell and turn pinkish red.  If the inflammation is not reduced, eyesight can be permanently damaged. 

To treat conjunctivitis, spray two or three drops of liquid silver directly into the eyes one to four times a day.  Silver gel can be placed directly into the eye where the gel will stay in place longer.  Drink 2 teaspoons twice a day for one week or until the problem is remedied.  Improvement should be noted within the first 2-3 days. Benefits will be felt in minutes.

Cough and Croup

A cough occurs when your body is trying to red mucus from the throat, lungs, and sinuses.  Silver can help with coughs and croup because it reduces both inflammation and the bacteria or viruses that cause the cough.  Put 3 teaspoons of silver in your mouth for 6 minutes.  Allow a tiny amount of the liquid silver to trickle down the back of your through every 30 seconds, the swallow the remainder.  By doing this twice a day you’ll have a significant amount of liquid silver passing across the irritated tissues that cause the cough.

In addition, you may want to try inhaling silver from a nebulizer for 15 minutes twice a day. Herbal expectorants such as mullein or osha root and immune stimulates like Echinacea can help as well.

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