The World through Blinders

Arian Knops

The World through Blinders

3 mins
January 18, 2021

Horse blinders are used to reduce a horse’s field of vision, so they are more able to focus on what lies ahead.  Astrologers, through their imaginary blinders have a wider vision of the universe and believe that can predict how your or my day can go by the position of the stars and planets whizzing through space.  Those predictions are usually overly optimistic and are also, mostly, wrong.  Politicians, the least likeable people on the planet are possessors of their own set of blinders.  Those blinders are best described as the imagined power over people political hacks believe they possess.  We have plenty of them on both sides of the isle in this country.

Enter Calvin of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbs, a newspaper cartoon that ran from the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s.  If you were a fan and identified with any of the characters you are indeed lucky.  For those of you who have never seen the strip I will give a short synopsis.  Calvin is a blond six-year-old, sometimes insufferable, brat, his usually tolerant parent’s, a girl named Susie, Hobbs, a stuffed tiger who comes to life in Calvin’s mind and a grouping if imaginary people that Calvin has the ability to bring into his reality in an attempt to avoid homework.  My late son could have easily been, and sometimes was, a carbon copy of Calvin. I guess that could be true for a goodly number of males walking the streets of the United States.  What follows is the dialog from one of the strips:

Calvin: “I’ve been thinking Hobbs.”

Hobbs: “On a weekend?”

Calvin: “It wasn’t on purpose.  I believe history is a force.  Its unalterable tide sweeps all people and institutions along its unrelenting path.  Everything and everyone serves history’s single purpose”

Hobbs: “And what is that Purpose?”

Calvin: “Why to produce ME of course.  I’m the end result of history.”

Hobbs: “You?”

Calvin: “Think of it!  Thousands of generations lived and died to produce my exact, specific parents, whose reason for being, obviously was to produce ME.  All history up to this point has been spent preparing the world for my presence.”

Hobbs: “Hmm, 4 ½ billion years probably wasn’t long enough.”

Calvin: “Now I’m here and History is vindicated.”

Hobbs: “So now that history’s brought you, what are you going to do?”

The last panel show the two of them laughing over cartoons on television.

That was in the 20th century.  We are now in the 21st century and we have something called ‘twittering’ to replace or enhance the stupidity of television and we have more than one Calvin walking this fine planet thinking the world was created as their plaything.  The Calvin’s of times past have come to fruition and are now running the world.  Yikes!

God help us all!  Or maybe God is watching us and having a good chuckle wondering why he ever created such a vile being as us in the first place.  Some days I believe he would have been better off stopping at dinosaurs.  

As for almost all politicians, they, to this citizen of the world, seem to be made of the part of the horse that hides under the tail.

This article was orginally reported by
Arian Knops

Arian is a short story contributor to the Sentinel & Rural News. Arian has written two full-length thrillers which have received critical and popular acclaim. Arian lives in Bruce, WI, with his charming wife, Arlene.