Thorp High School Goes Virtual Due to COVID

Riley Hebert

Thorp High School Goes Virtual Due to COVID

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January 14, 2021

The Thorp High School will be going all virtual this week.

Due to an increase of students at the Thorp High School testing positive for the coronavirus, the Thorp High School will be going all virtual beginning Monday, November 2nd and running through Friday, November 13th. Classes are expected to resume in person on Monday, November 16th. All high school extracurricular activities are cancelled during that time period as well. 

Brittany Mews, Clark County’s Health Officer, stated the “Clark County Health Department is working with the School District of Thorp leadership and staff to conduct an investigation to track, trace, and contain the virus. We are all working together to ensure the school district students and their family members are taking steps to contain the spread of COVID-19.” 

Thorp District Administrator Paul Blanford stated, “The School District of Thorp remains committed to providing a safe learning environment for all our students and staff. This two-week period will give us the time needed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep things safe for our students. At this time, we have determined that this is limited to our high school students.

He continued, “We are working closely with the Clark County Health Department and are confident at this time that this issue is isolated to our High School. If we find it necessary to take further action with our other grade levels, we will take additional measures.” All of the county’s school districts have had students or staff test positive for the virus or be in close contact with someone with the virus. So far, most districts have been able to quarantine specific students or grades. The more extreme cases that occurred include Neillsville’s Elementary being virtual this past week, Abbotsford’s High School going virtual in September, Owen-Withee had to suspend bus services for a time when some of their drivers tested positive and Thorp did start school a couple weeks later than normal because of a large number of cases. No district has had to shut down completely.

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Riley Hebert

Riley Hebert is news director for Central Wisconsin Broadcasting.