To the Sugarbush!

To the Sugarbush!

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March 22, 2021

by Evelynn Olson, Kabella Olson, Charlotte Stinson

The Fourth and Fifth Grade classes went on a field trip to Engel's Sugarbush and the School Forest.  

First, we went to the school forest and Mr. Engel showed us all the tools used.  He showed us how to put up piping and where the piping goes and there are more than 8 pipes/lines.  

Mr. Engel showed us the pump house and we took a hike. The school forest is about eighty acres. The damage that the animals can do to pipes.  Deer will gnaw on the pipes.  The deer get knocked back by the pipes. The squirrels do so much damage.  Then we were on our way to Engels Sugarbush. 

We saw the collection tanks and how they collect sap. Next, we saw the reverse osmosis machine that takes the water out of the sap.  Then we saw the cooker that cooks the sap into maple syrup.  Mr. Ken Engel and his family have been making maple syrup for over thirty-seven years.  That is a lot of syrup!  

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