Trust the USPS with My Vote? Never!

Trust the USPS with My Vote? Never!

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November 4, 2020

Dear Editor -

Okay, the election will be over by the time the general public has an opportunity to read why I didn’t and never will vote by mail. USPS is an integral part of our government. Great, just great, another department that doesn’t work blended into the rest of a government that doesn’t always work all that spiffy. 

I read on the internet how the USPS is admitting that on time delivery is plummeting. Oh really!  That isn’t all that much of a revelation to this writer. I will give you instances of that and other SNAFU’s that I’ve had happen in just the last year.

1-- I sent an old steel street sign to a man in Georgia several months ago. When it arrived at his home, nearly two weeks later, it had been bent to nearly a 90-degree angle. This wasn’t one of those flimsy aluminum things, it was good old American steel.

I was told by the lady at the P.O. that more than likely it got caught in a machine somewhere.  That same somewhere might be where many of the votes sent by mail are still languishing on the floor beneath the machine, uncounted.

2--At present I am awaiting the arrival of a book that was apparently sent on the 19th of October and was slated to arrive on the 28th.  Using the tracking number provided by the USPS is akin to tracking a ghost.  Hopefully the book will arrive before I’m too old to read or still give a damn.  

3-- My wife and I ordered twenty copies of a magazine I was in, seven arrived at my home. The P.O. envelope made of either Tyvek or second-rate Kevlar was ripped and thirteen copies were unaccounted for. The Postmaster told me the magazines, if found, would be returned to the publisher. What the hell would they want them for? They don’t publish magazines and send them out because they want them back. 

A few other instances before this year. It took in excess of two weeks for a picture of my grandson in his Navy uniform to make it from Minneapolis to Bruce, WI.  Another Snafu, my brother sent a letter, containing important documents, from his office in Sarasota FL to a customer in Sarasota Fl and after seventeen days it had not arrived.  When my brother finally did get to track down the elusive letter it was found to be in Chicago or Philadelphia or some other place nowhere near Sarasota.

Sometimes, BUT RARELY, the Sentinel and Rural News arrives at my home on Thursday, more normally Friday or Saturday and occasionally on Monday.  Even at the age of 74, I think I could run to Owen from Bruce in that amount of time.  Of course, my wife would have to drive down to Owen and pick me up ‘cause there is no way I’d want to run back home.

To the United States Postal Service I say, bring back the trains and ponies and return to three cent stamps.  Some days, three cents is more than the postal service is worth. I certainly will never trust them to deliver my vote or my medications.

Arian Knops, Bruce, WI

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