When you exceed limitations, you got problems

Dr. John Briggs

When you exceed limitations, you got problems

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September 28, 2020

When you exceed limitations, you got problems

After I overdid it a few weeks back, I found out how damaging the corona virus is. One of my patients I treated before exhausting myself was tested and found positive for the virus. A face to face thoracic adjustment put me into harm’s way. Had I not allowed my health to suffer by skipping food, rest, and hydration, I’d have been fine. Thirty-five years of practicing here in Clatskanie and never had the flu because I’ve kept my immune system strong. 

What I’ve come to realize, both with my own experience and that of family members who’ve also exceeded healthy activity levels is that COVID is indeed contagious, but if healthy practices are followed, most will never experience any ill effects of it, and never know they’ve had it. That being said, it’s hard to really know if you’ve been in contact with it. I believe we all are eventually going to be exposed. Just stay healthy! 

Those in close contact with symptomatic sufferers, when tested had positive tests but never had any symptoms of illness. The more exhausted your system is, the greater will be the symptoms you may suffer. 

In my case, exhaustion (suspected to be from overdoing it) was extreme. A gut ache and temperature that got as high as 102.4 were the primary symptoms. The all-consuming need to sleep and giving in to it was huge. 

As soon as I realized my predicament, I stayed away from everyone to recover. I’ve never been a fan of antibiotics but used one and the fever broke quickly and never returned. Unfortunately, the trauma to the gut from the antibiotic is what I’ve had to do repairs on. The terrible air quality has complicated issues as it’s put an added burden on people’s immune and respiratory systems. 

An experiment was done where patients would breathe dust charged with radioactive particles and then traced from there. The landing place of these radioactive particles was the liver. Because of this, we can see why the toxic smoke from these fires is affecting more than just the lungs, creating a greater immune challenge for so many. 

We had advisory of hazardous air quality here, but there were other areas in which the air quality was much worse than here. To add to the physical stress of air quality, some were directly in harm’s way of the fires. The thought of losing everything in a fire is something I personally don’t want to experience. This kind of stress further adds to active immune challenges. 

Having first-hand experience with stressors and the crippling effect they have on the immune system, What advice can I give to help protect you from the potential of viral or bacterial attack on your body? We know that fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy and needs to be avoided. My issue wasn’t due to fear, but physical exhaustion. Fear can exhaust you more than physical activity ever did, and some people can’t disconnect from past events. 

With the multitude of current events, staying out of fear is something you have to actively do. We see where perfected love casts out fear, and when we do feel loved, cared for, and especially protected, fear literally evaporates. Dealing with patients traumatized to the point of PTSD, we see repeated messages and visions in the brain which play over and over like a broken record that you aren’t safe, protected, and provided for. 

Many times, we see where drugs are dispensed to quiet the voices in the head. Unfortunately, this is like turning down the volume on the radio because of the static. It may quiet the voices, but it also reduces your ability to experience and enjoy life. How much better to tune in the station and turn up the volume so you can enjoy life at its fullest. 

With what I’ve experienced, my advice for anyone is to maintain the best nutrition possible. Avoid getting dehydrated. Make sure you’re rested. Don’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion. There’s always tomorrow. Take your immune strengthening supplements. 

Because of all of this, Julie and I have decided life is too short to not enjoy each other. Our hours have been crazy, and even though we normally see our last patients at five o’clock, we usually spend hours finishing with records and the basics of owning a business. We even find ourselves working when the office is closed. Starting in October, we will be closed on Wednesdays to catch up on the basics. We will continue to be open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  

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Dr Briggs is a 1980 graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and has been practicing naturopathic medicine in the northwest corner of Oregon since his graduation. His practice involves diagnostic and therapeutic modalities which have stood the test of time and the challenges of diverse disease. We believe that each person exists dynamically as a spirit being, possessing a soul made up of their mind, will, and emotions, living in a body which requires specific care and nutrition. To address only the physical needs is to ignore the real person, and frequently, the real issues. We strive to address all your issues (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) with compassion and wisdom.

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Dr. John Briggs

Dr. John Briggs is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.