Withee Approves Police Measures

Travis Rogers, Jr.

Withee Approves Police Measures

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The Village of Withee Board of Trustees met in regular session on Monday, August 10, at the Village Hall. Present were President Everett Lindgren, John Frankewicz, Susan Kalepp, Bernie Shelton, and Gordon Niemi with Villge Clerk Ellen Niemi also present.

Police Matters

The Board approved the $32,802 bid for the Local Road Improvement Project before moving on to the Owen-Withee Police Department (OWPD) items. After approving police payroll and bills for July, a Bernie Shelton/John Frankewicz motion was unanimously approved on the Team Care Health Participation Agreement. The Board went on to approve updating the two full-time police officers for two weeks minimum vacation. The Board also approved the hiring of the YDS Law firm to prepare the joint OWPD Owen-Withee agreement.

The Board also approved reviewing a possible referendum for the funding of a third full-time police officer. It was estimated that the cost would be $67 per household per year for the third officer.

Licenses to New Business

Class B original licenses were granted—based upon the closing of the purchase of property with clear title and paid delinquent bills—to Jason Thornton d/b/a IGYS Bar & Grill and Samantha Thornton as Agent. The property being purchased was previously known as Beaver’s Bar & Grill and, before that, K&B Hayloft in Withee at the corner of CTH X and Division Street.

We were hoping to open on Labor Day weekend,” Jason Thornton told the Board. “Of course, we have to wait for the food inspectors and all of that.

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