Yellowstone Computing Moves to Main Street Thorp

Travis Rogers, Jr.

Yellowstone Computing Moves to Main Street Thorp

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June 22, 2020

For the last 10 years, Joe Smoczyk has been running Yellowstone Computing from his home office on Birch Street in Thorp. As of Friday, June 26, Yellowstone Computing will open the doors to their new offices at 219 N Washington Street in downtown Thorp. That was formerly the location for Freedom Heating & Cooling.

Moving to New Environs

For the last several weeks, Joe and others have been busy renovating the offices to fit their requirements. While Joe is currently leasing the space, he has plans to make it the company’s permanent home.

The office will include a reception area, meeting area, sales displays and workspaces. In addition, the site will include an office for Joe himself.

Joe's Start

Joe worked in the computer business at Scott’s Computing in Thorp for six years before marrying his wife Tiffany in 2010 when the two of them began working for their own company, DeepCore5 Consulting. In 2014, Joe and Tiffany went full-bore, full-time and created Yellowstone Computing. 

In that same year—2014—Joe began writing a weekly column for the Sentinel & Rural News. Joe has also developed relationships with local municipalities and townships that include Thorp, Owen, Withee, Gilman, certain public libraries, and several townships. 

Integral Part of a Wide Community

It can be said that Joe and Yellowstone Computing have become an indispensable part of the Clark and Taylor Counties community.

Edwin Marie Web Designers

In a perfectly suited match, joining Joe and Yellowstone will be Derek Entrekin’s Edwin Marie Web Design. Derek describes Edwin Marie as “a boutique web design company that is both a veteran and female owned business. Our passion is for other small businesses that need help with their online presence to help achieve their maximum potential.”

Derek is the web designer for the Sentinel & Rural News’ website at sentinelruralnews.com.

The business hours will remain the same, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and can be reached at (715) 255-0325 or at www.yellowstonecomputing.net.

Derek and Edwin Marie Web Design can be reached at edwinmarie.com. Both businesses can be found on Facebook.

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Travis Rogers, Jr.

Travis is the Publisher with Nicole and is the Editor-in-Chief and Sales Manager.